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U.S. Law shield

So, you have taken some training, or are in the market for a firearm. Great! What kind of protection do you have from being sued? If you have to use your weapon, U.S. Law Shield will cover your attorney fees. Period. Retaining an attorney alone can run in the thousands. You can also contact an attorney 24/7 to ask firearms related questions, not a customer service operator. All this is and more is covered for $10.95 a month. Follow the link and take a look. We use U.S. Law Shield at Threefold Defensive Training, and highly recommend them. Check our upcoming classes for a Gun Law Seminar presented by U.S. Law Shield host by us. 

National Rifle Association

The NRA has been fighting for your 2nd Amendment rights for a long time, but that is not the only thing you get from a membership with them. You can choose from some well written magazines to receive, and then there is the insurance. Not many people know that as an NRA member you are eligible for $2500 firearms insurance at no extra cost. As a NRA recruiter I can offer some pretty good discounts on a membership. Call or email me at robert@3dt.com for more information. We can stand together, or fall separately.

Viper Headwear

Viper Headwear is the maker of the Snake Eater, and Quiet Professional series of hats. Both are high quality, and made 100% here in the USA (here in  Colorado actually!). They make and helped to design the hats we use here at Threefold, and they are great. I own several, and swear by them. These hats were made by someone who knew the needs of the shooter, and asked for their help in their design. With customer service that matches the quality of the head wear, you cant go wrong. 

more to come...

in the gravest extreme by Massad ayoob

A book written over a decade ago, and still very relevent today. A book that covers everything from making a decision to arm yourself  to pulling the trigger, to the after effects of doing so. Anything by this author has value, and is a worthy investment to your personal knowledge.

HigH altitude firearms

Micheal is one of those firearms dealers that just wants to help you choose what you need. He is able to perform transfers as well. Give him a call, see what he can do for you.

Tac Strike

Tac Strike makes awesome steel targets at a reasonable price. They also sell all kinds of paper targets, stands, and a pretty cool line of shirts/stickers. Check them out.

Below are Some items, vendors, and tools we have found to be helpful in our quest for knowledge, and are of good reputation.