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nra personal protection outside the home

This class was developed to assist handgun owners with obtaining the skills needed to use force while moving about in our daily lives. Topics will include a use of force lecture presented by an attorney, engaging multiple opponents, drawing from an off body holster, and much more. During this 8 hour a day, 2 day course you will be taught personal defensive shooting skills that go beyond the NRA Basic firearms courses. This is not a NRA Basic course and participants must be able to provide proof of completion for the Personal Protection in the Home course. As this course is so in depth there will be a minimum class size of 5, and a maximum of 10. If you are interested in attending this course please email us so that we can begin setting up a date.

Students will be required to bring their own handgun, holster, spare magazine, and belt.  You will need a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition for your handgun. Threefold will have eye and ear protection available. 

The range fee is included in this course.

Price: $225.00                  

Gun law seminar

Attend a seminar hosted by us here at Threefold Defensive Training, presented by U.S. Law Shield. Understand the rules of Use of Force taught by experienced law enforcement officers, and the repercussions according to the law presented by a attorney. The seminars will be scheduled at various times throughout the year, so don't worry if you cannot make the one posted below. Feel free to contact us for more information, or for upcoming events. 

Reserve you space @ Cost is $10 per person.

Gift certificate 

Know someone looking to for firearms training, or improve the skills they already have? How about someone that wants to obtain their CHP here in Colorado? Give a gift that will be remembered. 

cost is $75 per certificate. 

Please include the name of the recipient and the address to mail it to in the notes field during check out. Certificates will be mailed upon receiving payment. Valid on all courses.

Concealed Handgun Permit Class

Looking for a class to meet the qualifications for your Concealed Handgun Permit here in Colorado, but don't want to break the bank to do it? Look no further. Our class meets the requirements for all Colorado counties, including Denver and Boulder counties. We cover topics including types of pistols, safe handling, marksmanship building, and drawing from a concealed holster. As this is a qualifying CHP class, we provide information on the laws regarding carrying concealed, use of force, and methods of carry . Most importantly, we try to show the proper attitude for the responsible CHP holder. Training will be held in classroom and at the range. Pricing includes materials (targets, booklet, completion certificate). Please bring range safety gear (eyes/ears protection), firearm, spare magazine (if you have one) ammunition (at least 100 cartridges needed), carry holster, belt, hat. Basic firearms experience preferred. This is course is about 4-6 hours long.

Price: $75.00                          

nra personal protection in the home

Home/Personal Defense is one of the leading reasons people are choosing to own a firearm. This class was developed to assist handgun owners with just that. During this 8 hour course you will be taught basic home and personal defensive shooting skills, tactics for home defense, and what to do during a violent encounter. While this is an NRA Basic course participants must be able to provide proof of minimal firearms training. 

Range fee is included in this course.

Price: $150.00                  

classes coming soon:

Force on Force Simulations

Tactical communications 

NRA Basic Rifle

NRA BASIC Shotgun  

CCW First aid

Beyond the Basics: Pistol

Already have your CHP (concealed carry permit)? This class will go into more detail on the skills needed to survive a potentially deadly encounter, from evading the fight to engaging multiple threats. All the training in this class is done on the range and from the holster. Price includes the materials (targets, and completion certificate). You provide your own range safety gear (eye/ears protection), firearm, holster, belt, hat, and ammunition (100 cartridges minimum, more is always nice). Completion of NRA Basic pistol, or equivalent, and CHP required.

Range fee is paid on site and is $13.00

Price:  $75.00 

in home tactics/security assessment

This class is unique in the industry as it was designed to be taught in your home. We will go over your homes practical defensibility and tactics to you can use in real life immediately after the class. We will go over any security issues we may find and how to remedy them. There are no live firearms used in the class, but we will go over some hands on techniques to bring your skills up.

Price: $50.00 for the first two hours, $25.00 an hour after that (if needed).

NRA Basics OF Pistol phase II

 The NRA Basics of Pistol Class is a great way to be introduced to the firearm known as a pistol. Starting from scratch each class covers everything from cartridges, types of pistols, safe handling, to basic marksmanship. The NRA recently revamped this course so that it can be completed in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. As Colorado does not recognize any online classes as a qualifying Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit class. You must complete Phase II with an instructor in person so that they can attest to your proficiency in handling a pistol. After completing Phase II the instructor must sign your printed certificate, which is then recognized in every county in Colorado as qualifying for a CHP. Training will be held at the range. Please bring range safety gear (eyes/ears protection), firearm, ammunition (at least 100 cartridges needed, NRA recommends 200), This course is about 2-3 hours long. No experience needed, but you must have completed Basics of Pistol Phase One.

If you need to take Phase One click here:

Price: $40.00   

(Call or email for additional class dates) 

​All classes are scheduled based on your needs