Firearms Purchase Assistance

As a Class 1 Federal Firearms Licencee we can help you with your next firearms purchase. While we do not sell any firearms at Threefold, we will perform your Colorado state mandated background check and federal transfer paperwork for you. We charge $30 for the first firearm transferred, and only $10 for each additional firearm transferred on the same day.  



While we are located in Aurora near the Denver Metro area of Colorado, our classes can be brought to you. We have been working hard on adding additional classes; not just dates and times, but classes that will help you to become a more vigilant, responsible citizen. Whether armed or unarmed, we will be adding training that will enhance you ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. We are now a fully licensed Type 1 FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) and would love to assist you in completing your next firearms purchase.



We can supply quality hearing and eye protection if you don't have your own. And if you don't have your own firearm we have some you can use during our class. While we will still use standard paper targets for our basic classes, we are have gotten some new steel targets for our advanced classes. They should allow for some immediate feedback and fun during our training. Check them out at Tac



In order to make paying for your deposit easier, we have partnered up with PayPal. This allows us to accept your deposit online using your credit or debit card, instead of mailing a check and having to wait for it to arrive and clear before being able to attend a class. And on your side you can have the confidence that your information is safe with such an trusted name.

are here to pass on the knowledge and skills you will need to protect yourself and your loved ones if the need ever arises. And we are going to do it in a safe, fun environment.

We schedule our classes based on your needs. Whether it be one on one, or group, we can meet your training time frame with classes and trained instructors to provide the best customer service in the business. Located just east of Denver Metro Threefold wants to be your training partner. Contact us today to discuss your current and future training needs.

We don't want to be just another training option TO RECEIVE basis safety, or CONCEALED CARRY (CCW) PERMIT IN AURORA. We want to be the only option you think of in the Front Range.

Threefold Defensive Training in Aurora, Colorado was created to not only teach you the knowledge, skills, and attitude to own and possibly carry a firearm but to remove the fear and misgivings some have for these tools.

The principles of our business will remain steadfast through the years-- quality training and instruction at a reasonable price. We are not here to become rich; we 

we can remove the fear and myths about firearms.

Your peace of mind is why we teach. We want to demonstrate that the firearm is only a tool, and if used properly can create balance between good, and evil.

We can get you on your way to obtaining your CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit.

Some classes do not allow you to work with actual firearms. We do. We believe that in order to responsibly carry a firearm, you have to train with it. And when you apply for your Carry Permit  our class is recognized by every county in Colorado.

We can pass on to you knowledge, skills, and attitude.

We will show you the tactics to reduce the threat you may face. And we can do it without creating an environment of aggression.  

why choose us?